Quit Smoking

Illinois Tobacco Quitline

Quitline logo_thumb.png866-784-8937 (866-QUIT-YES)

The McLean County Health Department serves as a vehicle for the Illinois Tobacco Quitline (ITQL), which is operated by the American Lung Association. This FREE telephone based service can help you design a stop smoking program that meets your needs. These services are easy to use and often available on nights and weekends. This kind of support can be as effective as face to face counseling.

Smoking Cessation Programs

For a printable version of our cessation program offerings, click here.


Freedom From Smoking


Freedom From Smoking (FFS) is a premier smoking cessation program from the American Lung Association. This program gives smokers the options, resources and support to help them quit for good!

FFS includes eight sessions and features a step-by-step plan for quitting smoking. We take time to learn about your smoking triggers, reasons for quitting and explore resources that can help.Each session is designed to help smokers gain control over their behavior. The group format encourages participants to work on the process and problems of quitting both individually and as part of a group. This program is best suited for a group of participants, such as a business or church. 

For more information about FFS or to schedule a program, please contact Sarah at (309) 888-5968 or sarah.philos@mcleancountyil.gov.

Freedom From Smoking Online


Freedom From Smoking is also offered online for individuals. Visit Freedom From Smoking Online and get started today. 


Courage to Quit


Courage to Quit (CTQ) is a comprehensive group or individual tobacco treatment program for adults. Program leaders provide information, practice skills, and support to help you reach your smoke-free goals.

CTQ is available in multiple formats with flexible content that can be customized for delivery to a variety of participant groups in health centers, community settings or workplaces.

For more information about CTQ or to schedule a program, please contact Sarah at (309) 888-5968 or sarah.philos@mcleancountyil.gov.

For more resources to help you quit tobacco, visit the links below

  • Smokefree.gov provides FREE, accurate, evidence-based information and professional assistance to help support the immediate and long-term needs of people trying to quit smoking.
  • Quitter's Circle is a mobile app and online community for those who want to quit smoking and their supporters.
  • The EX Plan is a FREE quit smoking program, one that can show you a whole new way to think about quitting. It's based on personal experiences from ex-smokers as well as the latest scientific research from the experts at Mayo Clinic.
  • Smoking in America provides the latest and most useful information on health risks, e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapies (NRT).
  • Break it Off uses a web-based and social media approach to help young adults quit smoking.