Personnel Policies

Backup Employee Lunch Room Policy (PDF)

Bereavement Leave (PDF)

Cell Phone Policy (Personal) (PDF)

Communicable Disease Policy (PDF)

DAR Guidelines (PDF)

Department Contributions to Special Events (PDF)

Dress & Appearance Guidelines - Health Department (PDF)

Federal Drug Free Workplace Act and Illinois Drug Free (PDF)

Flex-Time Exempt Staff Below Grade 12 (PDF)

Food Consumption (PDF)

Grant Proposal Request Form (PDF)

Grievance Policy (PDF)

Guests & Visitors in the Building (PDF)

Guidelines for Notification of Chief Executive Officer or Acting Chief Executive Officer (PDF)

Intercom System (PDF)

Interpreter Services - Guidance on Providing Interpreter Services to Non-English Proficient Clients (PDF)

Meal and Rest Periods (PDF)

Opening Mail Received by the Department (PDF)

Outside Employment (PDF)

Payment for Holidays (PDF)

Personal Materials and Material Safety Policy (PDF)

Personnel Policies Interpretation Hiring Practices (PDF)

Personnel Policy Interpretation (PDF)

Procedures Regarding Personnel Actions (PDF)

Professional Image Protocol for Employees in Public Areas of the Building (PDF)

Pro-ration of Personal Days (PDF)

References for Former Employees (PDF)

Rehire Policy & Longevity Credit (PDF)

Rest Breaks as Hours of Work (PDF)

Rest Breaks for Nursing Mothers (PDF)

Retirement Recognition (PDF)

Sick Leave Definition (PDF)

Sick Leave in Connection with Work-Related Injury (PDF)

Sick Leave Use During Periods of Vacation (PDF)

Sick Leave Use During Probation Periods (PDF)

Sick Leave Use for Family Members (PDF)

Subpoena Procedures (PDF)

Tobacco-Free Worksite Policy (PDF)

Travel Policies (PDF)

Travel Voucher / Expense Form Instructions (PDF)