Employee Wellness


Encouraging and Supporting Employees in Achieving their Best Health

Established in 2007, the McLean County Employee Wellness Program is coordinated by the McLean County Health Department. The mission of the McLean County Employee Wellness Program is to support employees in living a healthy lifestyle. This is accomplished by providing programs, policies, and a supportive work environment; all designed to promote habits that contribute to a safe, healthy and happy lifestyle. Opportunities for employees to participate in a variety of activities focused on all aspects of health are provided throughout the year.

Employee Wellness Activities

On a regular basis employees are encouraged to learn more about their health, gain skills to improve their health outcome and collaborate with co-workers to achieve their personal best health.

Wellness Challenges

  • Focus on increasing awareness of specific health issues or on encouraging and supporting healthy behaviors.
  • Provide an online wellness platform, www.95210.org/mclean, that employees and their families use to track healthy behaviors, including sleep, nutrition, screen time, physical activity, sodas and sugary drinks, tobacco exposure, walking steps, weight loss and water intake.

Lunch-and-Learn Programs

  • Cover disease-related topics such as stroke awareness, breast cancer awareness, peripheral vascular disease (PVD) awareness and computer syndrome.
  • Additional wellness topics covered include nutrition, exercise, posture, healthy body weight, stress management, happiness and financial planning.

Exercise Classes

  • Focus on releasing muscle tension, improving posture, increasing muscular strength and maintaining functional joint flexibility.
  • Are conveniently held during the lunch break at County worksites.

Employee Interest and Feedback Surveys

  • Collect feedback from employees about their interest and satisfaction with program activities.
  • Provide direction for future program planning and development.

Annual Events

Each year, employees are recognized for their health accomplishments and wellness program participation, learn about community health resources, discover more about their health through screenings and receive beneficial preventive immunizations.

Employee Wellness Celebration

  • Provides resources and hands-on activities to promote healthy eating, exercise and stress management.  
  • Showcases Employee Wellness Success Stories and Wellness Champions from the previous year.

Employee Wellness Recognition Program

  • Celebrates employee health victories by posting employee success stories on the intranet and featuring them at the Employee Wellness Celebration.
  • Awards Wellness Champions, employees with the highest participation numbers for each activity.

Employee Wellness Fair

  • Offered each spring, provides County employees access to over 40 community wellness vendors and a healthy breakfast.

Onsite Employee Flu Clinics

  • Provide employees the option of receiving their flu shot during the workday at the Health Department building, the Government Center or the Law & Justice Center.

More Employee Wellness Initiatives Designed to Support Healthier Choices

  • Stairwells in the Health Department building, the Government Center and the Law & Justice Center have been enhanced with healthy messages to encourage employees to be more active by taking the stairs during the workday.
  • Smoking Cessation Classes and Resources are offered by the McLean County Health Department to assist employees who are ready to quit smoking. McLean County Health Department has a Tobacco-free Campus Policy, providing a healthier campus environment for employees and clients alike.
  • Discounted Health Club Memberships are available for County employees. The County medical insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois offers a Fitness Club Program that provides access to most health clubs in the Bloomington/Normal area for a low monthly fee of $25. All county employees can join Four Seasons Association at a discounted corporate rate.
  • Deductible Discount for Blue Cross Blue Shield members; employees may reduce their medical deductible by $1,000 by completing a wellness physical and online wellness assessment between January 1 and March 31 each year.

Contact Teri Payne at 309-888-5494 or teri.payne@mcleancountyil.gov if you have questions, need more information or have suggestions for the Employee Wellness Program.