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1. What are the major changes of the McLean County Registration of Dogs and Cats Ordinance?
2. When do the changes in the ordinance take effect?
3. What will cat owners now be required to do?
4. Why are cats now required to be vaccinated for rabies?
5. Are there any changes in the ordinance that apply to dog owners?
6. Why do I have to pay more if my pet is not spayed or neutered?
7. How do I register my cat once it is vaccinated?
8. I have an indoor cat. Why does it need to be vaccinated?
9. Are feral, barn, or farm cats required to be vaccinated?
10. What is the cost to register my cat once it is vaccinated?
11. Have the registration fees increased from last year?
12. How will the additional fees be used by the county?
13. Are there other fees for violating the ordinance?