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  1. MCHD press release

    Rescheduling for canceled COVID-19 vaccine appts - Feb 2021

    New Dates Announced for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics Cancelled in McLean County Last Week Additional Info...
  2. MCHD press release

    Inclement Weather causes delay in weekly shipment of COVID-19 vaccines

    One clinic canceled, new appointments and expansion into Phase 1B population on hold Additional Info...
  3. MCHD press release

    McLean County Health Department rolls out new COVID-19 vaccine scheduler

    Email confirmations aim to simplify the verification process Additional Info...
  4. COVID-19_business_thumb

    Employers, are you prepared to respond to a positive COVID-19 case in your workplace?

    What does it mean for your operations if you have a positive case? How long will staff need to be out? What other considerations should you address to make sure your workplace is prepared? The CDC has all the guidance you need here. Additional Info...
  5. MCHD press release
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