COVID-19 SURGE Information

The recent surge in positive COVID-19 cases has made it difficult for our contact tracing team to reach everyone in a timely manner. We are asking for your assistance in managing the current surging situation. 

1. Limit exposures! The best way to do this is by staying home as much as possible.

 2. WEAR a mask:

  • In public
  • At home if you have guests
  • If you are a guest in someone else’s home

 3. Positive COVID Test?

  • Notify people you have been in close contact with.
    • “Close contact” with a COVID-19 positive individual is defined as living in the same house as a confirmed or probable case, being an intimate partner of a confirmed or probable case, being a caregiver of a confirmed or probable case, or being within 6 feet of a COVID-19 positive individual for longer than 15 cumulative minutes within a 24 hour period.
  • Begin isolation immediately. Stay home for a minimum of 10 days. You should only go out on day 11 and if:
    • You have been fever free without the use of fever free reducing medication for 24 hours
    • Your other COVID symptoms are improving. Though some symptoms may linger for a period of time, there should be improvement before you discontinue isolation
  • Seek immediate medical treatment if you experience:
    • Trouble breathing.
    • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest.
    • New confusion.
    • Inability to wake or stay awake.
    • Bluish lips or face.

4. Close contact? Begin your quarantine immediately, even if you have not heard from a contact tracer.  

  • Quarantine 14 days from your last contact with someone with COVID.
  • If you develop COVID symptoms, get a COVID test.
    • If the test is positive, please follow the instructions under #2.

5. Employers: please work with your employees to calculate isolation/quarantine timelines. See #2 and #3 above for timeline details. If they are not contacted before their isolation/quarantine has expired, they will not receive a letter releasing them to work.



6. Please try to limit calls to MCHD. When we spend time answering general questions on the phone, it takes time away from investigating cases.  Refer to the guidance provided by IDPH (the same guidance we follow). The IDPH resource page is at: 

We are doing our best. Please be patient and help out where you can. Everyone plays a vital role in protecting and promoting the health of our community.

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