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Order certified copies of records for events that occurred in McLean County

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Birth record of a deceased person
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Obtain a record from any county in Illinois (through the Illinois Department of Public Health) - Also contact IDPH if you have an urgent need for an Illinois record

Born Abroad to US Citizen(s)

Order a Replacement Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Official State Department website)

Correct a birth or death record

By law, we cannot make corrections to your birth record.  Contact the State or the County agency via the links below, as appropriate.

Birth record corrections
Death record corrections
For minor corrections of birth or death records within one year of the event, contact the McLean County Health Department.

Legitimation and Paternity 

Legitimation - IDPH Definition
Paternity - IDPH Definition
Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity form *Please note: VAP form must be printed double-sided*
Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity instructions

Other helpful information

Genealogical Research
Birth Index Search of McLean County births 1860-1915
Verification of an Illinois Marriage (1962-present) or Civil Union (2012-present)
Vital Records Monthly Count (PDF) (Shows the number of births, deaths, marriages, and civil unions in McLean County for the past 10 years)