eFile in McLean County

Pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court M.R. 18368, beginning on Monday, January 1, 2018, all civil cases filed in McLean County are required to be filed electronically (e-filing).

Help for Self-Represented Litigants (those without an attorney) - click here.

Important Information regarding e-filing in McLean County: e-Filing into an existing case

For a general overview of e-filing, please review this flyer in English and Spanish.

E-Filing for Illinois Courts

Illinois Supreme Court Rule 9. Electronic Filing of Documents

Illinois Supreme Court Rule 10. Size and Specifications of Documents Filed in the Illinois Courts

Refer to Court Rule 3 (E-filing Exceptions) and Rule 9 (E-filing Rules) of Eleventh Judicial Circuit (PDF)

For additional help or have trouble e-filing, visit the Illinois Court Help

eFiling Technical Support

Further, effective January 1, 2018, the Circuit Court and Circuit Clerk will no longer accept any pleadings, motions, petitions, answers, or related documents in open court, in chambers, through the mail or in person. All attorneys and self-represented litigants are expected to familiarize themselves with the means and methods for e-filing and fully comply with the Supreme Court mandate.

There will be limited resources and assistance available to parties to assist in filing in the McLean County Law Library (RM 665 of the Law & Justice Center) and within the 4th Floor Circuit Clerk’s office. These resources include public access terminals and document scanners.

View a list of frequently asked questions.

Attorneys should note that the following errors will result in the McLean County Circuit Clerk’s office rejecting your filing:

  1. Wrong jurisdiction
  2. Incorrect Case Category and/or Case Type
  3. Filing Code is incorrect and the amounts for the new Filing Code are different
  4. Filing Document is incorrect or is missing key information (i.e. signature, wrong case number on a subsequent filing, etc.)
  5. Filing Document is illegible or scanned with an incorrect orientation (i.e. upside down, sideways, etc.)
  6. Filing is missing required Filing Documents. For example: if a Civil Lawsuit requires both a Motion and Affidavit of Service but only one is provided in the current filing
  7. Multiple Filing Documents are placed on a single Filing Code where they should be split out to separate filing codes (i.e., attachment(s) and filings do not match)
  8. Filing document(s) not in compliance with eFileIL Electronic Document Standards (PDF) and/or Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court Rules.

Thank you.

The Judges of McLean County and Don Everhart, Circuit Clerk