What is Asthma?

  • Asthma is a lung disease that makes it harder to move air in and out of your lungs.
  • Asthma is chronic, meaning you live with it every day.
  • Asthma can be serious, even life threatening.
  • There is no cure for asthma, but it can be managed so you live a normal, healthy life.
Watch this information animation from the American Lung Association

Education for Residents with Asthma

The McLean County Health Department now offers Kickin' Asthma, an evidence-based program, to youth with asthma and their families. Kickin' Asthma was designed by the American Lung Association of California as a school-based curriculum that addresses the needs of children ages 11 to 16 with asthma. The program, consisting of four sessions each lasting 45 minutes, promotes individual responsibility, self-management and early action among adolescents.

Contact Katie McHugh at (309) 888-5954 or to find out when the next Kickin' Asthma program will be held.

Taking Asthma to School

The McLean County Health Department provides local elementary schools with the book Taking Asthma to School, for Asthma Awareness Month in May. This book helps provide an emotionally safe school environment; thus allowing classmates to view children with asthma as normal kids who just happen to have asthma, at no fault of their own. This book will help children and parents discuss asthma with schoolmates and classroom teachers. Students also receive a coloring book to take home and share with families.

Contact Katie McHugh at (309) 888-5954 or to reserve copies of Taking Asthma to School or to schedule a read-aloud. 

Asthma Resources:

Download an Asthma Action Plan- As a resource for parents and guardians of school-aged children, all children diagnosed with asthma are encouraged to have an action plan in place that describes the steps to take if they begin to experience symptoms. 


KidsHealth is a trusted asthma resource with different sections for parents, for teens, for kids, and for educators. 


The American Lung Association provides information about asthma symptoms, how to create asthma-friendly environments, and how to take control of your asthma. 

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation provides practical information, community based services and support to people through a network of regional chapters, support groups, and other local partners around the U.S.