Drop Boxes

Don't want to mail your ballot? Use our drop boxes! Safe. Secure. Monitored.

Drop boxes will be available for the 2024 Primary and General Election providing another secure way to submit your ballot instead of mailing, early voting, or voting on Election Day. Each drop box is in a secure location. Ballots will be picked up daily by Democratic and Republican election judges and delivered to the Government Center. Drop boxes are locked and covered overnight and opened early the following morning. No ballots remain in drop boxes overnight.

Upon receipt of your ballot, you will be mailed a postcard from our office indicating that we received your ballot. If you did not drop off your ballot, please contact us immediately at 309-888-4035.

Drop box locations

Drop box locations will be provided in the months leading up to the March 19, 2024 Primary Election.

*If you would like your town/village/city added as a drop box location for the March General Primary Election in March 2024, please contact Kathy Michael at 309-888-5183 or [email protected].