Room Tracks

During each breakout session, attendees will have their choice of 8 different rooms with a wide variety of behavioral health topics. Each room has a track or theme, to assist some attendees with choosing the topic they would like to attend. Below are descriptions of each of the 8 rooms. 

Let's Talk About Mental Health
Having a conversation with someone about mental health can be uncomfortable and uneasy to navigate. Topics in this room will focus on how to have those difficult conversations. 
Micro (and macro!) aggressions: Words Matter - Hannah Mesouani – YWCA
There is Power in a Story - Joan Hartman (Moderator)- Center for Human Services, Morgan Hartrich, Timothy Mollet, Melissa Maxwell
Vicarious Trauma: Impacts and Buffers - Keith Brotheridge - Baby Fold
Pathways Through Crisis - TBD

Diverse Community Perspectives
Our community boasts a diverse population; just as each community is unique, so are the unique perspectives on behavioral health and accessing care. This room will host sessions to hear more so that we may learn from those who have different experiences than us, and continue to grow and know each other better. 
Mental Health Needs of Immigrants, Asylum-Seekers, and Refugees - Marianela Diaz - Unit 5
Speaking with Pride: Exploring the Experiences of the LGBTQIA+ Community Navigating Mental Healthcare - Hannah Mesouani – YWCA (Moderator)
Breaking the Silence: Empowering Black Men in Behavioral Health - Tony Jones (Moderator) - McLean County, Gregory Cox - Brightpoint, Michael Gardener - ISU Police Community Engagement Unit

Breaking the Stigma
One of the best ways to fight stigma associated with behavioral health is learning more about topics that are historically stigmatized. These sessions are all topics that have experienced negative views or beliefs and how to address them with greater understanding. 
Harm-Reduction in Recovery - TBD - JOLT Harm-Reduction
Healing the Narrative on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury - Cathleen Hayes, CRSS - Chestnut/ROSC
Process Addictions - Winifred Ashford - Carle
Finding HOPE for those with Eating Disorders and the Culture That Created Them - Hilary Pacha - One Hope Project

What's Up, McLean County?
There are a lot of things happening in our community! This track focuses on some of the big issues that we face as a County. 
Hope and Healing While Experiencing Homelessness - Matt Burgess (Moderator) - Home Sweet Home Ministries, Cheris Larson - Project Oz, Almaveria Hudson, TBD
Navigating the Options of Behavioral Health Services and How to Seek Help - Trisha Malott, LCSW - Bridge Academy
What it Means to be a Student Today: A Conversation about the Lived Experience of College Students in our Community - Dr. Carrie Haubner, PsyD (Moderator) - ISU Counseling Services, Student from Illinois State University, Litzy Morales - Illinois Wesleyan UniversityAmy Jeck - Heartland Community College
Mental Health in Rural Illinois - TBD

Law and Justice
The connection between the legal system and the mental health of community members is intricate and multi-layered. The topics from this track will focus on this system and the different efforts taking place towards to increasing access to behavioral health services to all individuals within our community. 
We've All Been Incarcerated: Untreated Trauma and the Justice System - Langston Pates
Current Efforts in McLean County - Susan Schafer (Moderator) – McLean County Board, TBD, Gabriela Vo – PATH Crisis, Sally Gambacorta – Carle Health, Meghan Moser – Center for Human Services
Mental Health in the Court System - McLean County Public Defender's Office: Carol Shegog-Parker, Ron Lewis 
In the Aftermath: An Exploration of Grief and Healing After Gun Violence - Moms Demand Action: Demeca Kirkwood, Shelia Harris, Laurie Bell

Family Matters
Support is an essential part of recovery, whether that is from a professional, a friend, or a family member. This room will have breakout sessions that explore different topics related to families and mental health but can be applied to all types of relationships. 
Individual Educational Plans and 504 – Lifelong Planning - Dr. Charles Hartseil, EdD – Autism McLean
The What’s What with Teen Vaping? - Gordon Bender - Project Oz
Parenting and Self-Care - Dr. Burgundy Johnson, MD – Carle
Ending the Silence for Families - Colleen O'Connor – Project Oz, NAMI, Claire Farnsworth – Project Oz

Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health
Our understanding of mental health is constantly growing, and so it is important to keep up with new research and ideas. These two rooms are filled with assorted topics that are either emerging or growing within the field of behavioral health. 
Room A
Digital Wellbeing  - TBD
Trauma  & Your Body - Tonya Bassett – Breathe Counseling
Mood, sleep, appetite – listen to your gut! - Dr. Omar Khokhar, MD – OSF Healthcare
The Value of Spirituality in Recovery - Thomas Troe – Illinois Department of Human Services - Division of Mental Health, CRSS
Room B
Understanding Grief and Loss - Joanna Oyer – Carle Health
Recovery for Older Adults - TBD
Narcissism Unmasked: Unraveling the Complexities of Entitled Self-Importance - Dr. Dan Lannin, PhD - Illinois State University
Workplace Wellness - Erin Kennedy - OSF Healthcare