Breakout Session 3

Choose one session from the following list to attend during Breakout Session #3, from 1:30 - 2:45 PM

Room Track - Let’s Talk About Mental Health:

Vicarious Trauma: Impacts and Buffers
Keith Brotheridge - The Baby Fold

What is vicarious trauma, the connection to burnout, how and why it can occur, recognizing signs of escalation, prevention techniques, and potential interventions that someone can do themselves or to help a family member/friend/coworker that they suspect is struggling with their mental health

Room Track - Diverse Community Perspectives:

Breaking the Silence: Empowering Black Men in Behavioral Health
Tony Jones (Moderator) - McLean County
Gregory Cox - Brightpoint
Michael Gardener - Illinois State University Police Community Engagement Unit

A conversation regarding barriers and potential solutions to accessing mental health services, the role of stigma, systems and historical considerations, supporting Black men 

Room Track - Breaking the Stigma:

Process Addictions
Winifred Ashford - Carle

An introduction to addiction, what process addictions are, the types of addictions that fit in this grouping, why they are considered addictions, the implications for them and impact of them on mental health, and seeking support for yourself or someone else you believe may be struggling

Room Track - What's Up, McLean County?:

What it Means to be a Student Today: A Conversation about the Lived Experience of College Students in our Community
Dr. Carrie Haubner, PsyD (Moderator) - Illinois State University Counseling Services
Litzy Morales - Student, Illinois Wesleyan University
Student from Illinois State University
Amy Jeck - Student, Heartland Community College

What are the major mental health challenges currently facing college students today, the different stressors that students face (life transitions, coursework, relationships/economic strain/current social issues, stigma), how students cope with these stressors, and how the community may support our college community

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health, A:

Mood, sleep, appetite – listen to your gut!
Dr. Omar Khokhar, MD – OSF Healthcare
Exploring the connection between our mental health and gut health, strategies for balancing both together, new developments in scientific research regarding the gut microbiome, and the two-way street of how our gut can influence our daily lives.

Room Track - Emerging Topics in Behavioral Health, B:

Narcissism Unmasked: Unraveling the Complexities of Entitled Self-Importance
Dr. Dan Lannin, PhD - Illinois State University
What is narcissism, the difference between it as a trait vs the personality disorder vs narcissist abuse, how to cope with relationships (romantic, family, professional) that you are a part of or supporting someone else, creating boundaries, potentially recognizing it in yourself and seeking support for this, and reducing stigma regarding it in order to have an open dialogue about it (such as referring to people as narcissists)

Room Track - Law and Justice:

Mental Health in the Court System
Carol Shegog-Parker - McLean County Public Defenders Office
Ron Lewis - McLean County Public Defenders Office
How do the court system address when it is believed that there is a mental health concern in a case, what are fitness hearings and the implications of those findings, an overview of specialty courts and how they can support those in recovery

Room Track - Family Matters:

Parenting and Self-Care
Dr. Burgundy Johnson, MD - Carle
What are the mental health challenges that may be unique to parents, how that can change depending on life stage (newly adopting, child going to school for the first time, empty nesting, new mother, etc), the importance of self-care for your mental health as a parent, and how to develop coping strategies as a parent