Pretrial Services


The Pretrial Services Unit provides the court system with verified criminal and social history information about persons who have been arrested and charged with a crime and assists the court in determining whether the defendant can be released on a personal recognizance or reduced bond.

Determining Options for Those Who Cannot Post Bail

Pretrial Services screens, evaluates, and recommends supervised release for those persons who cannot post cash bail. If released and ordered to conditions of bail, Pretrial Services then supervises these defendants and monitors compliance with the terms of their pretrial supervision.

Working Toward a Goal

The unit strives to provide the court with valid and meaningful bond reports and bond recommendations, to enhance the defendant’s court appearances, and to reduce the failure to appear risk, while increasing the likelihood that defendants will remain arrest-free while on bond.

For More Information

Additional information regarding Pretrial Services may be obtained by contacting Pretrial Coordinator Dawn Marseilles at (309) 888-5360 or Deputy Director Kirk Schweizer at [email protected].