Juvenile Intensive Probation

Daily Supervision

The Intensive Probation Supervision (IPS) officer's role is to provide comprehensive, daily supervision to high-risk juvenile offenders as an alternative to the commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice. The minor is court-ordered into the IPS program for the length of the probation term or until successfully completing a three-level phase program.

Early Completion & Requirements

If the minor completes the program before the end of the probation period, he/she would be egressed to regular probation. In addition to the regular terms of probation, the minor must abide by a strict curfew, participate in community service, intervention therapy, and submit to regular drug and alcohol tests.

McLean County is committed to providing services to youth within their home community by building a continuum of care for youth who are in the juvenile justice system. McLean County will link youth to a wide array of needed services and supports within the home community, as indicated through the Youth Assessment Screening Instrument (YASI). Services are provided in the least restrictive manner possible and can include comprehensive intensive supervision by the use of frequent court appearances, electronic monitoring, drug testing, treatment services, and community supervision through the use of case management, family advocacy, education assistance, individual/family/group counseling and crisis intervention.