White Tail Deer Management Hunting Program

To meet the primary mission of the McLean County Department of Parks and Recreation, management of natural resources within the parks is necessary. Today, due to the lack of natural predators, natural resource management of white tail deer herds is necessary to ensure and improve natural habitat overall.

The use of public hunting at COMLARA Park's Evergreen Lake is recognized as an appropriate population control method. In addition, public hunting provides recreational and leisure opportunities for those that wish to participate.

Please note: Normally, seasons are announced and applications are available for archery hunting on June 1 and for shotgun hunting on July 1. Applications must be returned within 60 days.

Recent Area Deer Population

Research has documented populations at COMLARA County Park in excess of 60 deer per square mile. The ecological carrying capacity of various natural environments is 15 to 20 deer per square mile.

Without active management, the number of deer will continue to increase, possibly dramatically. The deer population levels threaten natural regeneration and environmental reclamation projects, due to browse levels.


You can also view Hunting Zones by using the Comlara Park interactive map.