McLean County Government Employee Wellness Program

Program Overview

The McLean County Government Employee Wellness Program was created in 1998 to improve the health of County employees and to reduce medical plan expense. Over the years the program has grown, responding to both changing employee needs and recommendations stemming from scientific research. Initially, employee wellness programs were focused on increased disease awareness, healthier eating, regular physical activity, and medical care and immunizations. Today, in addition to continuing those activities; there is a strong focus on behavior change, development of policies to promote healthy behavior throughout the workday, and creation of workplace environments that support a healthy lifestyle.

The mission of the McLean County Government Employee Wellness Program is to support employees in living a healthy lifestyle. This is accomplished by providing programs, policies, and a supportive work environment; all designed to promote habits that will contribute to a safe, healthy, happy, productive life.

The McLean County Government Employee Wellness Program supports employees in achieving their best health by providing:
  • opportunities to learn about gaining and maintaining better health
  • opportunities to develop skills necessary for leading a healthier lifestyle
  • opportunities to adopt behavior that will improve one's health risk status
  • opportunities to support and be supported by co-workers pursuing their best health
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Program Highlights

On a regular basis employees are provided opportunity to learn about health, to gain skills that improve health, and to join co-workers in achieving better health. Some of the activities provided through the McLean County Government Employee Wellness Program are as follows:
  • Lunch-and-Learn Programs cover a variety of disease-related topics such as stroke awareness, breast cancer awareness, nutrition, exercise, stress management, happiness, and financial planning.
  • Wellness Challenges focus on increasing employees' awareness of a specific health issue or on encouraging and supporting healthy behavior. Challenges are offered through 95210, an online wellness platform that provides a simple way for employees and their families to track sleep, nutrition, screen time, physical activity, sodas and sugary drinks, tobacco exposure, walking steps, weight loss, and water intake.
  • Exercise Classes are held onsite during lunch time or after work. A variety of class styles are offered including: yoga, Pilates, strength circuits, and chair workouts.
  • Wellness Success Stories encourage employees to share and celebrate their progress toward wellness. Any employee who is trying to improve their health and is willing to share what is working for them can participate. It may be someone who has been able to stay healthy by continuing healthy habits throughout their lifetime or it may be someone who recently made a change to improve their health. Success stories are posted on the intranet and featured at the Employee Wellness Kick-off Event.
  • An Employee Wellness Fair is offered annually and includes healthy refreshments and over 40 community vendors. Vendors provide information and activities on a variety of health and fitness topics. Employees are also able to participate in health screenings or schedule an immunization during the fair.
  • Flu Immunization Clinics are held at County worksites for employees each fall.
Regular assessments are a benchmark of a successful employee wellness program. The McLean County Government Employee Wellness program uses surveys to collect feedback from employees about their interest and satisfaction with the program activities. Employee input and feedback is used to guide program planning and development.
For more information, contact Teri Payne at (309) 888-5494 or