Other Services

No insurance and need help paying for your yearly mammogram?


- The Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program offers free mammograms, breast exams, pelvic exams, and Pap tests to eligible women. Even if a woman has already been diagnosed with cancer, she may receive free treatment if she qualifies.

You may be able to receive free services if you are a woman:

  • Living in Illinois
  • Without insurance
  • 35 to 64 years old (*younger women may be eligible in some cases)
To enroll in IBCCP, women can call the Women's Health Line at 888-522-1282 (800-547-0466 TTY). The Women's Health Line will be able to walk women through the eligibility requirements and the screening process.

Need help getting to your mammography appointment?


- YWCA Medivan provides safe and convenient door to door transportation to and from appointments, hospital stays, nursing homes, and your home for residents of McLean County. The cost of services is $25.00 each way. To schedule your ride in Medivan, call (309) 454-7676 or (309) 662-0461 ext. 288. Read more about Medivan here.

Need help quitting smoking? 

Illinois Tobacco Quitline

 - The Illinois Tobacco Quitline is a FREE resource that provides information about quitting and can work with you to develop a customized quit smoking plan. Call 1-866-QUITYES or visit www.quityes.org for more information.


 - SmokefreeTXT is a FREE mobile service to provide 24/7 encouragement, advice, and tips to help smokers kick the habit for good. To sign up text the word QUIT to IQUIT (47848) or go to http://smokefree.gov/smokefreetext.

Smoking Cessation Programs

- Learn more by visiting our Quit Smoking page.