Those Who Pay Child Support/Maintenance

As of October 1, 1999, Illinois was forced to fragment the processing of child support/maintenance payments to comply with Federal Law.

PAYOR: Person responsible for making payments

If the court has ordered your payments to be deducted from your wages, the payment will be sent to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) in Carol Stream, IL, by your employer. The SDU will process and remit the payment to the custodial parent/recipient.

If your former partner has previously received or is currently receiving Title IV-D services from the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services (IDHFS), your payments must also be sent to the State Disbursement Unit for processing. The SDU is required by State law to provide you and your employer with written notice advising you of the payment procedures to be followed.

All payments previously ordered to be made through the Circuit Clerk's office must now be made to the SDU pursuant to an Administrative Order of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit.

The case number you want the payment applied to must be printed on the face of the check or money order. The case number appears on the Judgment or Court Order establishing the payment amount/schedule. If the payor makes payments to more than one person or former spouse through the SDU, please be very careful to put the correct case number on the correct payment.

As a payor you are encouraged to retain cancelled checks, money order receipts, and payroll stubs reflecting employer withholding for your own records to assist with any discrepancies or questions that might arise.

It is essential you advise this office of all address changes. The Circuit Clerk will post payments processed by the SDU based upon information provided to the Circuit Clerk by the SDU.

If you have been ordered to notify the McLean County Circuit Clerk’s Office of a change of employer, you may use the form found at the link at the bottom of this page to do so.

Fees for Maintenance and Child Support Payments

A statutorily required $36.00 child support/maintenance fee * must be paid in January of each year. This fee is pro-rated at the rate of $3.00 per month the first year. Invoices for this fee are sent for the full amount at the start of each year. Payment in full is due upon receipt of the invoice. This fee must be paid in check, money order, or by major credit card** (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) separate from your maintenance/support payment. Use the link at the bottom of this page to pay online by credit card.

All payers of support/maintenance are responsible for paying the $36.00 annual fee referenced above. This fee must be paid directly to the Circuit Clerk even if other payments are made to the SDU. Annual invoices will be sent in January. Payment in full is due upon receipt of the invoice. Delinquent accounts are referred for collection.

*705 ILCS 105/27.1a (bb)(4) and McLean Code Article III, § 205-6.

**Paying by credit card: GovPayNet, an independent company, charges a non-refundable fee for its services. The Court and the Circuit Clerk’s office receive no part of the service fee.


Pay your annual fee online.