COMLARA Park Interactive Map

Comlara Park Map Website

The COMLARA Park Interactive Map allows you to view an array of information about COMLARA. Simply zoom into an area and click on a feature for photos and other information.

This map also allows you to view maps for COMLARA Park's maintained trails. Simply click on the trail you want to view. The distance of the trail and a link to the printable map will be in the popup window. The same can be done with the archery and shotgun hunting zones (for those layers, first turn the layer on in the Layer List).

Use the Query tool to search for a specific feature type or name. For example, you can select COMLARA campsites and choose 30 AMP Electric Sites (make sure to hit Apply). This generates a list of appropriate sites, a photo of each site, and the link to reservations. Click on a listed site to zoom to its location.

For more information about site reservations and fees, visit they McLean County Parks and Recreation Camping Website.