Community Programs

The Health Promotions team can provide education and resources on a wide range of health topics. You can request a presentation by filling out this form (Request a Health Presentation). Questions about presentations and requests for educational materials can be directed to (309) 888-5446

Some of our major programs are:

We offer many tobacco and vaping prevention and cessation resources.

Healthy Eating Active Living
We offer programs and educational materials for children and adults to promote good nutrition, physical activity, and other related aspects of health. This is a major emphasis due to the findings of the McLean County Community Health Needs Assessment.

We have many resources and activities related to handwashing available to the community. We work with the Environmental Health division to provide resources to schools that can be used to teach students about handwashing and food safety. 

The McLean County Health Department can off Kickin' Asthma, and evidence- based program, to your with asthma and their families. Kickin' Asthma was designed by the American Lung Association of California to address the needs of children ages 11 to 16 with asthma. The program consists of four 45- minute sessions. 

We have a variety of educational resources available to residents interested in learning more about managing asthma.