COVID-19 MCHD Updates

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COVID-19 Data Graphic 09-17-21 - confirmed cases - deaths - ages - gender

COVID-19 in McLean County for 9-17-21 - new cases:72; total confirmed cases:21,482; deaths:252; recovered:20,679; hospitalized:26; home isolation:525; gender percentage:female-53%/male-47%; age ranges - 0-11:1,769; 12-17:1,519; 18:700; 19:852; 20s:5,596; 30s:2,900; 40s:2,628; 50s:2,382; 60s:1,663; 70s:841; 80s:428; 90s:195; 100+:9. Cases by race - White:13,422; Black:2,053; Asian:376; other:990; unknown:4,598; American Indian or Alaskan Native:27; Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander:16. Cases by ethnicity - Hispanic or Latinx:1,383; Non-Hispanic or Latinx:14,801; unknown:5,298. Deaths by age - 30's:7; 40's:4; 50's:12; 60's:38; 70's:50; 80's:78; 90's:60; 100+:3; Total:252. Information is current as of 9/17/2021. The provisional 7 day rolling positivity rate is 3.6% (↑) as of 9/16/2021.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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