COVID-19 Changes in Operations


The AOK Network has canceled all team meetings, Network meetings, and events through the end of April, including Mental Health First Aid training.  We continue to be a hub for information sharing of agency updates for organizations that serve families with very young children. Depending upon the situation, the AOK Network may resume team meetings using electronic media beginning in April. 

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health is not participating in live community collaborations outside at this time.  However, communication between community partners and nonprofits that receive funding from the Board of Health and 377 Board is very active as a result of many program changes due to COVID-19.  377  Board meet via teleconference and it works out well.  The BH program is not business as usual, but very busy with new business during this pandemic.  Also, BH is taking a focus on how to provide emotional security and support to MCHD staff during the pandemic.  Amy Hancock will be working remotely as much as possible during this time, but please reach out via email with any needs of the BH program.

Clinical Health Services

Communicable Disease has scaled back operations to only providing limited appointments for STD and TB treatment. Brown Bags are still available for walk-in clients. HIV Grant services are still being offered on a limited basis and HIV surveillance continues. Most of the staff time is dedicated to COVID-19 response and to ensure other reportable diseases are investigated and managed.

Dental Services

Dental services are limited to pain control services only, call (309) 888-5479 for an appointment.

Environmental Health

At the current time, the Environmental Health Division is conducting all business as usual.

Emergency Preparedness

Operating COVID-19 tasks.

Family Case Management

Home visits have been suspended, and most contacts are being made by phone. Several case managers are able to work from home.


Mostly business as usual, but travel outside the building has been suspended

Health Promotion

Health Promotion has suspended all in-person community health education events due to school closures and limitations on group gatherings. Some of our health education has been modified to over-the-phone consultations, such as the Diabetes Prevention Program.  Most of our efforts are now directed to the COVID-19 emergency response, including serving in community liaison and public information roles.


In Immunizations, we have decreased our schedule and expanded the length of time for our appointments to help decrease the overlap of when clients are in our program.  We are keeping every appointment already scheduled as is, most clients are either calling and canceling or rescheduling to a time where fewer people will be here and they can come in and out quickly.

Immunization appointments are limited to children through the age of 1 year, call (309) 888-5455 to schedule the appointment and you will be given detailed instructions.

Vital Records

The Vital Records program is continuing to provide our usual services. However, to comply with the CDC’s recommendation of social distancing, from March 20 through the end of March we will be mailing death certificates to all funeral homes. In addition, we will only be providing birth certificates by mail from March 20 through the end of March. We will re-evaluate both of these at the end of March. If there are extenuating circumstances and funeral homes or parents cannot wait for the mail, please call (309) 888-5450.


WIC is open. They are asking participants to call prior to coming in for instructions regarding coupon pickup. WIC services will be provided via curbside, please call (309) 888-5457 or (309) 888-5391 prior to coming to the clinic for instructions regarding coupon pick up.