Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC):

Behavioral Health Subcommittee

The ROSC’s mission is to engage the community at large in hopes that all types of McLean County citizens will become active in supporting recovery, as well as to support multiple pathways of recovery, thus providing a variety of person-centered solutions for our recovering people.

The ROSC Behavioral Health Subcommittee was created as an effort to meet the following objectives:

• End social and physical isolation of those living with mental and/or behavioral health symptoms

• Provide accurate information on a variety of topics that may create stigma

• Create connection and inclusion across all systems and settings

• Promote systemic changes within our community to promote mental and/or behavioral health

• End barriers associated with seeking help for mental and/or behavioral health symptoms

• Increase and improve access to care for mental and/or behavioral health services

The ROSC Behavioral Health Subcommittee has created two presentations and recorded webinars titled:

• Intimate Partner Relationships (12.5-minute webinar)

• Caregiver to Child Dynamics (11-minute webinar)

At the end of each presentation, you will find local and national resources for assistance.

Please find the two PowerPoint presentations and recorded webinars following this information.

If you need help navigating local support, please reach out to the ROSC via Angi Chasensky: or on Facebook: @mcleancountyrecovers