Behavioral Health

Serving County Residents in Need


Behavioral health services are available in McLean County for the care and treatment of county residents with emotional disabilities, developmental disabilities, or disabilities due to substance abuse. These services are funded by the McLean County Board of Health (553 Board) and the McLean County Board for Care and Treatment of Persons with a Developmental Disability (377 Board). 

Responsibilities and Functions  

While the McLean County Health Department does not administer any behavioral health services, the health department coordinates with the Illinois Department of Human Services to plan and fund the local system of care. Behavioral health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services are provided through contracts with local behavioral health and human service agencies. 

Services supported include:
  • Adolescent substance abuse prevention and early intervention
  • Crisis intervention
  • Outpatient services
  • Support, training, and intervention for developmentally disabled children and adults
The McLean County Health Department reviews grant applications annually and awards funding based upon community needs and priorities. In addition, the McLean County Health Department is responsible for developing a three-year community behavioral health plan and serves as the county's governmental behavioral health authority.

For more information our funding process, please see the McLean County Health Department Electronic Health Service System