What is the Smoke-Free Illinois Act?
The Smoke-Free Illinois Act is a state law effective January 1, 2008 that prohibits smooking in enclosed areas of any public place or place of employment, and within 15 feet of any entrance, exit, window that opens or ventilation intake that serves a smoke-free area. An enclosed area is defined as a space between a floor and a ceiling that is enclosed or partially enclosed with solid walls or windows, exclusive of doorways. The Smoke-Free Illinois Act replaces the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act.

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1. What is the Smoke-Free Illinois Act?
2. What is the purpose of the Smoke-Free Illinois Act?
3. Where is smoking allowed?
4. If an organization was exempt under a local ordinance, is it still exempt?
5. Can other non-smoking areas be established?
6. What else is required for compliance with the law?
7. How is the act enforced?
8. Where can patrons register complaints?