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Cottage Food Operation Registration

  1. Please Read
    Fill out this form only when your computer has access to a printer. Once the form is complete, click "Submit and Print" so your registration is sent to our Food Safety Division, and you are sent to a print-friendly screen of your registration. As a reminder please upload a copy of your CFPM Certificate for review.
  2. The print-friendly screen allows you to print the registration form, but does not automatically print for you. You must manually print the following screen. The print-out of this registration form acts as your registration certificate.
  3. If you make a mistake in your registration, please email with corrections.
  4. Business Information
  5. Certified Food Protection Manager Certificate Information
  6. Types of Food Producing:*
    Check all that apply
  7. *Any other products not previously listed but considered a non-potentially hazardous food must submit lab test results to McLean County Health Department (200 W. Front St., Bloomington, IL 61701) prior to sale at a Farmers' Market. By selecting "other," you note that your registration is invalid without a copy of lab test results both submitted to the health department and attached to the registration certificate at all times. ** In order to sell canned tomatoes or a canned product containing tomatoes, a cottage food operator must have prior approval from the Health Department.
  8. Cottage Food Operation Registration expires 12/31/2021.
  9. Please choose the "Submit and Print" option below to print your registration form for your records. This selection will bring you to a print-friendly version of your registration, which you must manually print.
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